"Little Mermaid inspired tattoo. I didn’t want the portrait or silhouette that you see on everyone, so I decided to turn myself into Ariel. Done by Maura at Atomic Heart in Lake Charles, LA." - great idea for any mermaid at heart

I was made to be a mermaid!

Mermaid scales, i would have as the boarder for my mermaid tattoo and maybe have em go up like that

Source: Instagram user misguidedeskimo

Bread and Butterflies

Disney-Inspired Tattoos That Are Pure Magic: After spotting our fashion colleague's heartwarming Frozen tattoo, we wondered what other Disney tattoos were out there.

Disney - Little Mermaid

Songstress Disney Princess Drawings

Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" . her being a siren is kind of self-explanatory for me lol Dinsey Princess Pinup Tattoos

Jellyfish Ocean LAZY DUO Temporary Tattoo Hong Kong HK 香港 紋身貼紙 tatouage temporaire tatuaje temporal 文字 手寫 quote 名字 名言 人生 love words

Jellyfish Ocean Temporary Tattoo Sticker

Size : H 13 cm x W cm Color : Deep Ocean Blue Quality : 1 Skin Safe and non-toxic ingredients. Approved by FDA, multiple EU and US safety standards and irritation tests. Designs in Hong Kong.

Now THIS I can see me doing to myself, on tops of feet or a few spots on legs...Mermaid scales - wonder what it would cost?

These are some of the better mermaid scales I've seen size wise and realistic wise at least they look realistic to me

I love swimming and the water (along with my slight obsession with mermaids). Perfect tattoo to express it :)

mermaid scales tattoo "I must be a mermaid I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living "