Hostas in containers with White Impatiens

hostas in containers with white impatiens dispersed throughout.for the shady corner outside my bedroom window


Always like a ~ Cloud Pruning (Niwaki) is shaping limbs to create space between them and flatten the top and bottom. Artistic, gives new life to a shrub and a solution for limited space.

haveRUM: en blog med inspiration til rum i haven.

Alternating clipped hedges and grasses - Robert Broekema, Jos Verhorst - Gardening Go

haven hegn ideer moderne foto - 3

Raised planter bed garden along exterior fence - use mesh to keep the dogs and cats out - Aloe Test Garden - contemporary - Landscape - Vancouver - Aloe Designs

gravel+terrace+shade+garden (1000×667)

Quarter minus gravel is a soft, low maintenance and lower cost option for a path or terrace. Its dark gray color looks quite at home in this shady, northwest garden.

Ogrodzenie z kamienia -

Ogrodzenie z kamienia -

"Top 10 trees for small spaces | Dwarf Hinoki false cypress |"

Top 10 Trees for Small Spaces

Pergola, bench, and plants

Arbor, swing, and fence, Yes this is eactly what I want for my Grape vines three different Table Grapes. Arbor in an L shape. My honey can do it, and I love being at his side hands on. This would be a Great project.