patronus felis by Apofiss

doodle my take on fluffy version of Cheshire :} I had sevelar versions while doodling, BUT I had to keep his creepy smile, it wouldn't be Cheshire w.

Типичный творческий

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yang kitten character done for the anniversary version of the "Yang The Cat" app on Google Play. you can grab the free version for yourself - LINK. used photoshop and paint tool sai ...

painted yang to see if I have improved a bit in giving more depth for the 'object' with light and generally practise more with white fur and dark backgrounds. used photoshop and paint tool sai.

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Now, we will see the amazing creations of Apofiss, Rihards Donskis, is…


Apofiss — worx - Rihards Donskis a. Apofiss is a digital painter from Latvia.

In his post we gathered some funny or humorous as well as cute digital art concepts of animals(creatures) created by the talented Rihards Donskis a.k.a. Apofis, a digital painter from Latvia. Hes work fill your heart with joy. Some of these awesome...

omoi reflect ~ Rihards Donskis aka Apofiss ~~playing around with some ideas. this one is quite abstract as to reflect or visualize thoughts. ( omoi - thought, desire, mind, feeling, etc ) initially meant as a mobile device skin design~

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How to make furniture and appliances in Minecraft. Btw I tried making this and I burned down my house😃😂😆 so be care full not to make this in a wood house