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Beautiful maternity photography, photo by: Photography By Charlotte B

Draagbare en kleine  extra kinderstoel. Handig! totsy. com

36 Ingenious Things Youll Want As a Parent. This portable fabric high chair is awesome for traveling and lots more!

how to clean stuffed animals that cannot go through the washer! good to know! One day, I'll be happy I pinned this!

"how to clean stuffed animals that cannot go through the washer!" <--- this is the picture they used for showing how to clean stuffed animals? it looks like Elmo is barfing into a bucket and someone is comforting him with a warm washcloth

How to Prepare for a New Baby without breaking the BANK! Tips for what you need and what you DON'T!

How to Prepare for a New Baby on a Small Budget

How to prepare for a new baby without breaking the BANK! Also, so realistic even if you have an ample budget but want a more simplistic approach, because, let's face it, babies come with so much literal baggage. preparing for baby prepare for baby

http://how-to-get-pregnant.us/conceiving.html Conceiving a child important info and tricks. Future Bff's =) this would be cute if I get pregnant

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

Future BFFs Photo - if you're ever pregnant at the same time as your best friend.such a cute idea!

How to give a no-cry swaddled bath just like they do in the NICU- wish I had known this existed.

Bath time can be overwhelming for a new baby. The solution: swaddling baby before putting her in the tub! When the blanket gets wet, it becomes heavier and puts gentle, calming pressure all over your baby’s body.

Pictures everyone should take while at the hospital..... I cried going through these! Very beautifully done

Pictures everyone should take while at the hospital. I cried when a pic like this was taken of me at the hospital. It was a very emotional time, and it's fantastic to have a picture of it now to remember how I felt that day.