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omg yes lol a bay is dark brown with a black mane and tail so there's really no way to tell them apart unless you know who is who haha

That would be me and grey horses since they are my favorite, but I love bays too, though!and palominos.

Horsey Friday Funny - Signs of Spring

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Horses are more important. That's why us equestrians pay more for hunter braids than our own hair. And we are basically permanently broke so.

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"Let me just pay for that vet bill with all this extra cash I have laying around," said no horse owner ever.

A horse quote

You know your a horse person when you walk past someone instead of saying "excuse me" you poke them in the rib and say "over".

All I want for Christmas. ..

It's the time of the year to start dropping hints at what you want for Christmas. I am starting early

Ricky Bobby

Love this This is especially funny to me because I have a horse named Ricky Bobby.