I always just throw these hangers away....duh!!!

Plastic hanger chip clips, I have a bag full of these hangers to cut on the saw to use.

TicTac package for bobby pins.  Great idea!

Tic-Tac container of bobby pins for the bottom of your purse. I have an empty tic tac container in there now

paper towel holder turned bracelet holder

A paper towel holder to store bracelets. A soda or wine bottle would also work. You could also use bottles to store ponytail holders! For a thinner paper towel holder that's wooden, paint it a pastel color and add a doorknob to the top.

Carol Taylor quilt

dispersion quilt Winner for Outstanding Art Quilt Sponsored by P & B Textiles Made by Carol Taylor Started in Finished in 2004

When you're sick just attach an empty tissue box so you don't have tissues all over the floor. HELLO!

Smart idea for by the bed during cold season- tissue box & trash can in one. Might also be a good idea for in the vehicle. (Pinned before, but such a great idea going into cold/flu season.

Used dryer sheets can remove soap buildup from glass shower doors.

New Uses in Your Bathroom

Dryer sheet used to remove soap scum Dryer Sheet as Scum Buster Remove obstinate soap buildup from glass shower doors by sprinkling a few drops of water onto a used fabric-softener sheet and scrubbing.