illustration. Would be awesome and humorous if it was actually put on a box of uncooked spaghetti noodles

A fun piece of graphic design. I love the concept of the spaghetti bar code because it is original and whimsical.

This makes me laugh really hard. Too funny!! hahahaha!

We dont skinny dip chunky dunk sign pool hot tub spa decor wood handmade Trimble Crafts plaque

Cheese Lyrics (You know you sang it in your head!)

Farewell letter from

OMG this is SWEET DREAMS by J. Strify haha I will never, ever hear this song ever again withOUT hearing these lyrics in my head. Sweet dreams are made of cheese.


Ah Good Sir I Do Believe I Have Shat My Pantaloons Baby Onesie from Glamfoxx Shirts. I still think this is hilarious!

LINEN LUX rue du Mail, Paris

linen lux by night / rue du mail, paris deco off Photo: LINEN & HEMP COMMUNITY. Rue de Mail in Paris decorated with lamp shadesy. Initiated by Club Masters of Linen in partnership with 29 ‘Editeurs’ and Paris Deco Off.

I would love to do this to my family photo from Sweden circa 1860's. They all looked so stern and serious

I would love to do this to my family photo from Sweden circa They all looked so stern and serious RED

If you love cats and birds you need to get this hilarious cat bird box!

you make me laugh

This authentic photographer widely known for his extraordinary documentary photos, captures the real life moment shots of people from Czech villages. Loving the uniqueness, simplicity and neutrality.

House for sale~ ♛

(fotos curiosas y graciosas):. How simple and cute is this Oceanside Real Estate! A Hermit Crab Shell, a small wooden sign and you have this wonderful idea done!

The Weird Pottery Art (by Lucky Stradley)

The Weird Pottery Art (by Lucky Stradley)

absolutely love love love 'The Weird Pottery Art' (by Lucky Stradley) great inspiriation to just go for it, beauty in the eye of the beholder n all that :) .


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I swear to you, I won't stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name - a sex quote I thought very romantic!