Little Bunny Baby Animals baby ducks! They are the cutest sweet softness baby animals

My name means "Little Bird." I like to think that this was the bird I was named after..

Rose Robin (Male) (Petroica rosea) by Chris.Kookaburra Royal National Park, N.

Bird made out of a vintage map.

Made out of an old map! The whole post is repurposed vintage maps. This is hand stitched with embroidery thread & florist wire for the feet.

This looks like a British Robin Redbreast to me - the National Bird of Britain and a herald of the Christmas season - a little beauty. Created by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson - here's her website:

I have the Paper Paintings Collage DVD. It is awesome! I can hardly wait to start making my own paper paintings.

White raven

Pinner: White raven is my given name by Grandmothers and my Animal Totem Spirit guide :)

Thomas Hill at Velvet da Vinci Gallery

Bill Giyaman posted Thomas Hill at Velvet da Vinci Gallery to their -birds- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.