Eget Design - 10 påske fugle

Eget Design - 10 påske fugle

Royal Copenhagen, Pixel Pattern, Perler Beads, Bead Patterns, Kids Crafts, Winter Christmas, Parenting, Hama Beads, Creative

Royal Copenhagen, Kids Crafts, Perler Beads, Winter Christmas, Origami, Creative, Beads

Easter craft

Friday Favorites

My grandma always dyed eggs with onion peels--that's how they did it back in the day! We made some last year but struggled with keeping the onion peel on the egg. This looks like an easier alternative.

Det er hyggeligt at lave perleplader, og dette DIY med fugle ophæng kan både laves af børn og voksne. Husk også mine andre Hama projekter.

bird perler project from whimseybox