GB  Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen

GB Marcus & Martinus Gunnarsen The best twins in the world


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The coolest boys i know♥ And i love them♥♥

The coolest boys i know♥ And i love them♥♥


Out and about in sunny Amsterdam! The concert at Melkweg tonight is almost sold out, but there's a few tickets left if you hurry - link in bio We're excited to be here!

**❤** *N

3 new musically's out! If each of them get 400 000 likes, We will post 3 new tomorrow!

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OMG I loooooooveeeeeeee them😍❤😂 they're coming to Greece in Yayyyy😂❤

People who say they're fans r like their like basically the same real M&Mers be like r u serious I can go through a list on how they look different (anyone else like that)

Baes are so different! Fake fans be like: I don't see no difference but real fans do

For fans of urban fashion , the hats which they wear, they become part of freedom expression in dressing. Fans of urban fashion , especially