Sorry no link but the pictures pretty much say it all. Not sure what they use to wipe off the leaves, maybe a little rubbing alcohol??? Any ideas?

How to make chocolate leaves ~ I have been doing this for years and it works like a charm! <--saving for later bc they said it works

DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake (cake decorating tutorial / recipe) // Handmade Charlotte

DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake Decorating Tutorial

DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake (cake decorating tutorial / recipe) // Handmade Charlotte Olive just learned that sheep says "baa baa." Aunt Amanda might have to make this sweet cake for her niece's birthday.

DIY Patterned Roll Cake

DIY Patterned Roll Cake- link leads no where! Pinned for design ideas only!

Those are actually little felt pieces, but this technique could be used with fondant or airheads/etc for a cake decoration. #frosting

DIY Decorative Felt Flower Pillow DIY Decorative Felt Flower Pillow I would just use this idea for multiple flowers to put maybe around the house.

recipe:: Braided Cinnamon Wreath

Cinnamon Sweet Bread -read the comments on the dough used in this recipe before trying it. Perhaps use your own cinnamon bun dough recipe.

Wonder how it would look if I spray it w the mirror spray paint I will be purchasing for the Mercury knock off project?

Custom cake stand - got the plate, candle holder & glue from the dollar store. Spray paint from Hobby Lobby (used my off coupon).

Genius DIY idea! This is a fabulous and elegant way to personalize a mini cake or cupcake!

Chocolate "Wax" Seal Mini Monogramed Cakes - Once Wed

It's beyond description for how much I LOVE this idea! Get you DIY groove on and make 'wax seals' out of actual chocolate! Chocolate "Wax" Seal Mini Monogramed Cakes - Once Wed

Uma receita cheia de #SweetStyle

Love day - Heart - Valentine ideas - Valentine's day - San Valentino - Romantic - DIY Heart Shaped Valentine Cake Pops Tried last year and it was wonderful.

I did this for my Sex and the City party a couple years ago. It works really well... but if you use certain balloons it leaves a latex flavor on the chocolate.  I filled mine with instant cheese cake, so good!

Chocolate Cup

fill a balloon with air, melt chocolate in a bowl, dip the end of the balloon in to the chocolate and set it down to dry solid.when the chocolate it set.bust the balloon, and fill it!

DIY Patterned Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss roll: patterned swiss roll recipe, step by step - La Receta de la Felicidad

konfekt - chocolates (pictured here: tri-flavoured marzipan coated in chocolate)

Danish Konfekt christmas treats made with marzipan and nougat. Easy, classy and…