Halloween costume

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Ok so since the family is all going as superheroes, I decided not to be Cookie Monster this year but instead, a less slutty version of this Joker! Especially since mom and dad are being Batman and Robin! And Aunt Kim is maybe being Poison Ivy! @Jane Daly ewton @k k @Tonya Seemann Krause @KD Eustaquio Krause

This photo has inspired me to revisit my Joker costume! Joker costume - I was already the joker once for halloween, but it'd be worth doing it again with this inspiration!

That paint actually looks like something I could nail. Most of these makeup jobs are so difficult looking

DIY Halloween Costumes

Using body paint for tiger stripes really makes this cat/tiger costume so much bolder and more interesting/original. And it's such a versatile technique - just about any dress/outfit can be used for a whole variety of animal, etc costumes