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Parachute jump.

Parachute for FREE! If you have ever wanted to do a parachute jump here is your chance. CVQO are looking for hundreds of adventurous volunteers to make a fundraising parachute jump and if you raise enough in sponsorship you will get to jump for free!

Work Less | Play More | Enjoy Life

Work Less | Play More | Enjoy Life

Super Yatch

Hegemon Group International is teaching people about Lifestyle Funding. Team Centurion is the number 1 team in Hegemon.

Danish flag!

Arvingerne or The Legacy is a danish tv drama created by Maya Ilsøe.

Copenhagen has created a superhighway for bicycles in an effort to be the first carbon neutral city by 2025... read the article and check out the inspiring video!

A Green Light for Copenhagen's Cyclists: A new initiative in Copenhagen aims at building miles of bicycle highways that offer cyclists a safer and faster way to commute.Used to live there, and loved to bike to work.