10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day

10 Tips for Getting More Done Each Day

10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day--great advice for how to work more efficiently and make better use of your time from Living Well Spending Less

10 tips to improve your focus

Tuesday Ten: Tips to Improve Your Focus

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Things you NEED to be doing every Sunday to reset for the week! #4 and #5 are a MUST!

10 Things to do Every Sunday for a Productive Week

Use Sunday as your "reset" day! 10 things to do every weekend to make sure you have a productive week ahead!

You know you need to get something done, but you don’t do it right away. You first check your email, then your Instagram feed, next thing you know it’s two hours later and you find yourself watching cat videos on YouTube. |Thirteen Thoughts

How to stop procrastinating, right now

How to stop procrastinating right now - tips for getting motivated and staying focused when you feel like doing nothing