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How to make a mini wildlife stack for your garden

Help encourage native bees with insect walls

We all need to put one of these up in our gardens. The bees need our help. Encouraging Native Bees with Insect Walls


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Insect hotel, for beneficial insects and native mason bees, provides habitat for pollinators.

Garden advocates and artists in San Francisco have joined forces to find creative ways to bring nature back into the urban landscape HOUZZ {!

Create a mason bee hotel using recycled materials.

Mason Bee Hotel

mason bee hotel by alois - These days honey bee colonies are under pressure from mites, virusses and pesticides. A little help from mason bees will certainly be appreciated in orchards and gardens.

Look at this great house for Mason or Leafcutter bees (which are non-aggressive and good for pollinating gardens). Classy and fun -- from

Four Tier Bee Hotel

The Tallest Bee Hotel Your garden will soon be buzzing with this great bug house. This insect habitat is ideal for hanging in a sheltered garden, house wall or orchard. It is a general insect habitat that may be used by solitary bees such as Mason Bees.

Mother of all mason bee houses

BC Almanac

I love this huge native solitary bee hotel/ Maison des Insectes/ Casa de Insectos

Insect hotel (for attracting and keeping beneficial insects in your garden)

Insect hotel (for attracting and keeping beneficial insects in your garden). I bet there's more than bugs in there.


This bee hotel is nicer than the ones in which I stay at SeaTac.

Hôtel à insectes

cool 11 Inspirations for Insect Hotels You call it garden art, insects will call it home. These chic bug hotels will offer shelter and even food for beetles, bees, a.

Bug hotel

Bug hotel: I would like to do this in my garden in the next year or so.