Bengal kitty.

Bengal kitty

The Bengal Baby is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat to get their desired colouring. I want this kitty.

Bengal Cats

The only cat i would want to own! Not a fan of cats but I am of LEOPARD PRINT :: Bengal Kittens, pretty damn cute :)

Cat Art... =^. ^=... ❤... By Artist Unknown...

* * " Shag rugs beez so buts I like dis one and de color. My color goes well with dis rug, dohncha think ?


anything for a glass of and white cat with head in glass lapping up milk.

Cute kitten

Darling grey kitten playing w/pink flower. Looks like Lucky when he was a baby!

Fluffy white kitten This is what Muffin needs, a little white kitty to live in your little white house. a little white kitty for Muffin.