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Cheerful smile

Cheerful smile

Pig shower.

Pig shower.

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Piggie: We're on a mission here. Piggie: First we'll take a mud bath for camouflage then we'll invade the cornfield for our feast! Piggie: Then Big Bad Wolf, you're next!

Special Delivery: Rare Set Of Elephant Twins Born In South Africa-Every new elephant birth is a cause for celebration given the state of the species — elephants are killed in record numbers due to rampant ivory poaching. But one pachyderm parent on the Pongola Game Reserve in South Africa is doing more than her part to help replenish the species’ numbers by giving birth to a rare set of twins.

Cape Town – Rare twin elephants have been born at the Pongola Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal. The twins were born to a elephant cow named Curve, and their gender has yet to be determined.

How adorable is this baby #Elephant?

A tiny little Elephant. Someone really close to me loves elephants so much. When I see elephants especially baby ellie, it reminds me of that person. She's cute like that baby ellie 🐘

Love the space

Love the space


Beautiful Backyard – A spending backyard with blooming flowers of vibrant colors and various fruit plants in it will surely make the outdoor of your home more lively and attractive. As a matter of fact, the outdoor décor of your home deserves as much impo

10 garden design tips to make the most of small spaces. How to make your small garden look and feel bigger. And how to make the best use of your garden space. Great tips

Try these 10 garden design tips for small gardens to help make your space look bigger! Small gardens will be transformed with these clever design illusions