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Niklas Vestergaard
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Motivational Words - #fitness #health #traindirtypt

Your body will be around a lot longer that than expensive handbag. Invest in yourself. Can't have a busted face with an expensive handbag!

It's chest day! Lol

The Tough Love Baby Meme features a baby at the end of his rope. This list is a compilation of the Tough Love Baby photo meme. The Tough Love Baby starts with a pho.

No one's gettin' in my way! -

Charging Lion This magnificent picture of an angry lion in the Kalahari desert, was taken by Netherlands photographer, Marsel Van Oosten and was a winning entry in the 2010 Travel Photography Of The Year competition.

LOL gym humor meme, bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, etc.

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