Spring bulbs in pots.

Place bulbs shoulder to shoulder across the surface of the soil, leaving no space between them. Then top off with more potting soil so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface. Water each container thoroughly, and finish with a layer of mulch.

Pink Daffodils!

Pink Daffodils might make a substitute for tulips if you have deer. As well as being easier to grow -- I& got a black thumb for tulips:(

Pink daffodils. Love these.

pp Pink daffodils. I have never seen these before - in fact I thought daffodils were always yellow.

Pink Daffodils

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“But listen to me. For one moment quit being sad. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you.” ― Rumi

Daffodil 'Double Duo' from Van Meuwen - experts in the garden since 1855