Kold porcelæn: Majmel: 1 1/2 cup Skolelim: 1 cup Hvid eddike: 1 spsk. Olivenolie: 1 spsk. Bodylotion: 1 tsk

DIY Cold Porcelain Clay: Corn Starch: 1 and Half Cups, School Glue: 1 Cup, White Vinegar: 1 Tablespoon, Cooking Oil (Olive Oil) or Baby Oil: 1 Tablespoon, Body Lotion: 1 Teaspoon


Homemade decorations do other colors for holidays easter vday xmas fall - it's in Spanish. I don't think the link leads to the instructions.

Deko-Tannenbäumchen aus Papier falten - Handmade Kultur

Deko-Tannenbäumchen aus Papier falten

Today’s installment of “Landee’s Festival of Trees” comes directly from Martha Stewart’s latest publication Handmade Holiday Crafts.  I LOVE this book.  Love it.  These trees were so dang cute I just had to give them a try!! Supplies needed: cardstock of choice, bamboo skewers, wood candlestick holders (shown below), wooden finials (shown below), hot …

Festival of Trees: Folded Paper Trees

Baby food jar snow globe

how to make DIY mini snow globes out of baby food jars. what a fantastic handmade Christmas gift idea! Love those wee bottle brush trees

Let it snow!

Let it Snow Globe: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe!Let it Snow Globe: How to Make Your Own DIY Snow Globe! I'd love to do this with my class!

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2016bestnine 2016 godtnytrhkling serfremtil2017 brigitteslothdesign

Support weak spots with aluminum foil.

How to Make Porcelain Clay (to Use for Making Beautiful Art

This air drying clay is referred to as cold porcelain because it dries to resemble real porcelain. But unlike polymer clay, it's non-toxic.