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Artist: Xi Yue | UTAU | Xia Yu Yao

black legwear brown hair clouds dress from behind gloves holding hood leg garter long hair low twintails microphone microphone stand outstretched arm pantyhose sheiyue sky solo sun translation request twintails upskirt utau very long hair vocaloid wh

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ADOPTED *soft snoring* (We don't know much about Karen. She showed up a few days ago during the thunderstorm, freezing and soaked. She hasn't told us much yet, but she's told us she's 14 and loves horseback riding. She also enjoys playing with baby animal

Red season , It's a little fun to draw Japanese patterns by みれあ1日目東K-31a  /

Anime picture with original renka long hair tall image blush short hair looking at viewer highres open mouth breasts blonde hair multiple girls sitting large breasts white hair animal ears holding japanese clothes traditional clothes cleavage