Fabulous AF with a blood-red center and mirror glaze icing as dark as your soul.

Vampire Kiss Cupcakes

Vampire Kiss Cupcakes - A yummy cupcake with a blood-red centre and mirror glaze icing as dark as your soul - Tastemade

Make your own spooky Apothecary jars for Halloween with these FREE printable labels

How to Make Apothecary Jars and FREE Printable Labels

Here's a step by step tutorial to teach you how to make poison labels in PicMonkey so you can create your own spooky apothecary jars this Halloween.

Werewolf paws

Werewolf Paws

You know what comes out when there's a full moon, don't you? Yup: incredibly frightening (read: delicious and chocolaty) "werewolf paws." If you use store-bought frosting and madeleines, you can whip these up in just 30 minutes.