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 Gardenia plant - 1 gallon Our gardenia plants are in 1 gallon containers.and they will bloom this year! Gardenias do best in part shade/part sun. Gardenias, Gardenia Bush, White Gardenia, Gardenia Care, Gardenia Wedding, Dwarf Gardenia, White Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Yellow Roses

Gardenia [10044] - $14.50

Raven Essences Gardenia [10044] - Gardenia: Expansive Purity Gardenia jasminoldes; Rubiaceae Gardenia encourages a magnificent, expansive potency through a pure, open heart. The ability to welcome unprecedented ideas and forms is a characteristic of a spiritually mature, thinking heart. Offering a richly complex purity, Gardenia gives us the breadth of heart capable of holding opposing forces until a

These beautiful flowers are named "evening" primrose because they bloom at night. Bright and fragrant, they attract bees, birds, and butterflies all summer long! Primrose Oil, Evening Primrose, Blossom Garden, Blossom Flower, Primroses, Garden Seeds, Natural Healing, Natural Skin, Herbal Remedies

Evening Primrose [10039] - $14.50

Raven Essences Evening Primrose [10039] - Evening Primrose: Radiant Simplicity Oenthera biennis; Onagraceae Evening Primrose underscores the power of simplicity in every area of our lives. Bringing a penetrating clarity to heart and mind, it encourages communication throughout our entire body-soul. With an infectious radiance, Evening Primrose promotes rampant growth, heightening our ability to permeate adversity with genuine enthusiasm.

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea, E.pallida) Parts used: All parts Benefits and uses: Echinacea is native to North America and its use was gleaned from native healers. Healing Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Herb Seeds, Herbal Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Natural Remedies, Garden Plants, Garden Seeds, Perennials

Echinacea [10038] - $14.50

Raven Essences Echinacea [10038] - Echinacea: True Character Echinacea purpurea; Compositae Purple cone flower Like a pioneer settling a homestead, Echinacea reinforces the qualities of character needed for a productive life: strength, endurance, resilience, and integrity. Upon this foundation, we can build a field of radiant stability, one that fulfills our life-purpose and blesses others. At the physical level,

Cedar Thuja Occidentalis, Herbs, Flowers, Herb, Royal Icing Flowers, Flower, Florals, Floral, Medicinal Plants

Cedar [10021] - $14.50

Raven Essences Cedar [10021] - Cedar: Energy Coordination Thuja occidentalis, Cupressaceae Cedar acts as a transportation vehicle, coordinating the movement of many types of energy. It is helpful when you are trying to dislodge deeply ingrained emotional/psychological patterns. Able to work at tremendous depths, Cedar encourages subconscious patterns to gently surface into conscious awareness in a timely

Dandelion Flower Essence is alchemy in a bottle. Dandelion Wine, Dandelion Leaves, Dandelion Flower, Dandelions, Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Make Your Own Wine, Living Off The Land

Dandelion [10035] - $14.50

Raven Essences Dandelion [10035] - Dandelion: Releasing Tension Taraxacum officinale; Asteraceae With lion-hearted cheerfulness, Dandelion addresses long-held patterns of muscle-tension rooted in rage, anxiety, and fear. Softening the compacted areas in the body, it gradually eases the punishing effects of false control and dominating suppression. Dandelion's deep roots help us access what we need from hidden sources, as

I once saw a garden with these iris and coral bells mixed. Iris Flowers, Planting Flowers, Coral Bells, Perfume Reviews, Gladiolus, Amazing Flowers, Flower Art, Perennials, Rose

Iris [10045] - $14.50

Raven Essences Iris [10045] - Iris: Innate Royalty Iris X; Iridaceae Spring's flower-queen, Iris inspires a regal stature, reminding us that we bear an invisible crown regardless of outer circumstances. Iris reinforces a separate sense of self, essential when we are receiving a flood of new energy-information. Containing our energy in vertical alignment, our thoughts, words,