Paper book art

Paper book art , Maybe some sort of paper cutting.we could have them bring in old books (or we find some) and do some sort of paper sculpture. ( i realize a LOT of my posts are with paper so far. Just throwing ideas at you ;

book art

Su Blackwell is an artist and working predominantly within the realm of paper.Check out 10 Most Creative Book Sculptures By Su Blackwell

Cards In A Box! - Stampin All Night Check out Frenchie's blog 1/24/14 for measurements

card in a box! Great way to gift a gift card. or: inflate small balloons and put them in a box. when you open it they'll come flying out!

Passionate for Paper: Tutorial: 3D Pop up Balloon card

Passionate for Paper: Tutorial: Pop up Balloon card. Whoever's birthday is next, be expecting a homemade card like this from me!


PERFECT FOR A LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM reminds me of the quote about not being afraid to build your dreams (and I'd add castles) in the clouds-----now put foundations under them!

book cover

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

DIY: Lace pattern on a notebook. Cover a notebook with lace and hold it in place with clear packaging tape. Spray the lace with any color fabric spray paint. After it dries, remove the lace.

For You! #diy #present

Mini Book Tutorial: So sweet to tuck in a suitcase when someone travels, or to adhere back to scrapbook page, and use as a hidden journal embellishment. (Just cut around it when you place the protect(Diy Ornaments Book)

Wooden Celtic Book by ~yagarasu on deviantART. Made with the coptic technique. 1/8 letter size. Hard covers made of MDF. Woodburned with celtic designs, just like it's box. It closes up with a cooper button and some elastic.

Wooden Celtic Book by ~yagarasu on deviantART. Made with the coptic method. B/H letter measurement. Hard covers made from MDF. Woodburned with celtic designs, identical to it's field. It closes up with a cooper button and a few elastic.