DIY Confetti Balloon

my-big-fat-wedding-kitsch: Confetti Balloon Tutorial Make sure to buy balloons that don’t have any sort of powder inside them; the powder will inhibit the static charge.

I have my tragus pierced. Have also had my cartilage, nose and lip pierced. Was gutted wen I had to take out my lip piercin to remove my tonsils

What to Avoid After a New Piercing

Love this Cardboard Dollhouse DIY with rooftop garden.  Check out all the photos, on flickr to see how clever she was with her use of everyday items to furnish and decorate.  Especially the tea strainer turned barbeque!

Cardboard Dollhouse DIY with rooftop garden. Look at ALL the photos [see Cardboard Dollhouse Set] to see how clever she was with her use of everyday items to furnish and decorate.

Matchbox illustration

"Matchbox Lady with Pug" and "Matchbox People" by Mai Ly Degnan. I love these little three-dimensional illustrations.

DIY Cactus Balloons! The perfect addition to your summer party

Cactus Balloons!

Balloons have always been a party decor must-have. But balloon decorating ideas like this are seriously next level. Simple, yet totally surprising, the Cool as a Cactus Balloon Decoration Idea will up your party status to summer fabulousness!

Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Tokyo, by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Nakaaoki branch / emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design © Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners Every other balcony as a forest.

I think after this pregancy I might get this done but with a lily or a poppy

Tattoo and Piercing Combination. Flower Tattoo with a piercing in the center on the ear

One of the coolest tattoos I've ever seen but I feel like it would be very painful...whatever worth the pain

This is my ear tattoo :) I love it to death, it didn't hurt one bit. I love music more than anything in the world. I always listen to music, and sometimes it escapes. Hope you guys love it as much as I do

bathroom art lol

Funniest toilet paper art I have ever seen. Of course, it is the only toilet paper art I have ever seen, but it is still hilarious!

Men don’t always notice a woman’s shoes, but they’ll notice these. | 22 Silly DIY Projects That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Men don& always notice a woman& shoes, but they& notice these. Leave the original heel attached, drill a hole through the dinosaurs and secure them with crazy glue

tea time

Esther Horchner: tea sets designs Dutch illustrator Esther Horchner brought life back to a plain porcelain tea set by hand-painting girls inside cups and teapots. So creative!

A laundry bag that tells it like it is.

Laundry Bag , laundry bag holder, dry cleaning bag, laundry holder, clothes hamper, clothes bag

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Laundry Bag / badbatdesigns on etsy