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Natacha Petersen

Natacha Petersen
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Family. They find it so weird. And I'm just like "What? You don't take pictures of yourself? I guess not."

Albright -- more like that awkward moment when you're watching someone take a picture of themselves.

"HAHAHAHAHA" -me. "That's bad" -my mom.

Great, now im going to be thinking this whenever I get proposed to! (first I got to get a boyfriend though. huh, looks like i'll have time to forget about this)

Thick hair problems

THICK HAIR PROBLEMS TO A T! So me though I just got new hair ties that are too small for my hair because they don't wrap around 3 times! Like, no can u not hair like stop


gotta' hate that. haha that happened to one of my friends, except we were at church, and it fell onto the pew in front of him. so he quickly picked it up and stuck it back in his mouth. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be absolutely disgusted.