Nadia Welston
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Beyerdynamic - New visual concept for Beyerdynamic reflects the respect to the rich history and company's heritage as well as aspiration and focus on pure clarity, minimalism, modern visual aesthetics and inspiring technologies of tomorrow.

Art direction, conceptual research and completely refreshed, new mobile web experience for Beyerdynamic company.

CUFF - Mobile App Concept

CUFF - a mobile app created with the intentions of making shopping easier and more efficient.

Prampolini designed the newspaper Futurisimo, edited by Marinetti and Somenzi 1933. Futurism graphics idealized Mussolini in many of their publications.

news overprint Futurismo Enrico Prampolini designed the newspaper Futurismo, edited by Filippo Marinetti and Mino Somenzi The futurists idealized Mussolini in many of their publications.