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Dean and Castiel, they're like brothers.... I think they're more like the best of friends, thats just me though like so close of friends its like they're brothers but not at the same time

I can respect if you don't ship Destiel. Honestly I don't see how anyone couldn't, whether they ship it or not <-- I don't even watch SPN and I think this is great.

Hunter Cas!! Supernatural, Destial, plaid SOURCE:

misbehaving-timelord: “ Cas: ”Is it really necessary that I wear plaid now?” Sam: “Of course, you’re a hunter now, we all wear plaid.” Dean: “…” ” May I compliment you on choosing the right gif for.

'Supernatural'’s Destiel Is Super Gay and Beautiful | Hollyscoop

omfg i saw this and freaked out a little the chick that sits behind me was like wtf