Bacon-wrapped cheese dogs. If this won't win a man's heart, I don't know what will. - perfect for this football season!

The Best Bacon Dishes We've Ever Seen

Wrapped Slice the dogs lengthwise, deep, stuff cut with shredded wrap cheese hotdog with 1 slice of precooked bacon. Microwave until hotdog is done and cheese is melted. Place cheesy bacon hotdog into a toasted hotdog bun.

Love this so fun

Love this hamburger pillow set- how fun! I definitely want to try and make this (NOT a DIY)

Use sausage and have the perfect breakfast sandwiches

"Camping Breakfast : Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. best idea ever" Um, this looks like an egg filled burger but ok. I'm still going with burger though.

Hakkebøffer i fad med fløde-paprikasauce… NICE!! Lavede den uden bacon - no probs! ikke engang manden græd ;)

Hakkebøffer i fad med fløde-paprikasauce… NICE! Lavede den uden bacon - no…