Where do we find inspiration?
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Steve McQueen and wife Neile Adams in a sulphur bath, with cigartettes & Chablis. Big Sur, California in Neile was married McQueen until He refused to let her work. Photo by John Dominis

Inspiration, nature, Wood, raw

Natural, earthy, rustic & industrial, peeling paint or polished & pristine all in perfect harmony .

Inspiration, Brandbook

For the music room: doors made out of windows like that, and sleek black every where. Working area of Roman & Williams, interior and furniture design in NYC.

Nature, Inspiration, jar

In one sense wabi-sabi is a training whereby the student of wabi-sabi learns to find the most basic, natural objects interesting, fascinating and beautiful. Fading autumn leaves would be an example.

Inspiration, Lightning, rough

Inspiration, Lightning, rough

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