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comicbookwomen: J. Scott Campbell - The Original X-Men: Angel (Warren Worthington III), Beast (Henry "Hank" McCoy), Cyclops (Scott Summers), Iceman (Bobby Drake), & Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

X-MEN ‘92 #4

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Schism Art by: Daniel Acuna Did know that in the Schism story line is what divided the X-men in two? Cyclops and Wolverine just didn’t see eye to eye. No pun intended.

MARVEL COMICS FULL MAY 2017 Solicitations

With the launch of X-Men Gold being just around the corner, Marvel has revealed some upcoming covers illustrated by Ardian Syaf.

infinity-comics: “ X-MEN: GOLD cover art by Olivier Coipel ”

Scarlet Witch & Emma By Elena Kane

Scarlett Witch & Emma Frost by Adi Granov. not to hate, but they're not exactly buddy-buddy, as apparent from the events of Children's Crusade ( and a little bit in too), though i guess they both did start on the X-Men team. A adi granov

SENTINELS !!! - X-Men Gold by Ardian Syaf ...

““The Sentinel-based A.-enabled Nanotech Storm is adapting to our attacks faster than we can hit it. And it’s targeting anyone with a genetic anomaly or mutation. Which is basically everyone.

X-Men vs Inhumans by Leinil Francis Yu

Some psychic you are, Ulysses, predicting IvX after it’s already begun Artist: Leinil Francis Yu Source: Civil War II Remember when Civil War II was supposed to finish long before IvX started?

Depois da saída de Bendis, franquia mutante tem outras novidades

Colossus v Juggernaut! Amazing X-Men cover art by Jorge Fornes (Marvel comics) that background tho

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