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Sara Mortensen

Sara Mortensen
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As my regular readers know I love horseriding and have been riding the funniest little pony for three years. I love the little guy so much and for my last birthday my friend gave me a bracelet made…

Horsehair bracelet: I have horse hair from all of the horses I have owned. I am now going to make the bracelets and necklaces and earings that I have been thinking about for the last 4 years.

decorating with washi tape    Everyone in my office has the same Apple products so I made my charger unique with some washi tape.

Cover the apple logo with a piece of washi tape. Lightly trace the apple outline with a pencil. Remove the tape, cut along the lines, and reapply the tape. If your cut isn't perfect, trim the tape as needed.washi tape is fun!

11 Innovative Ways to Repurpose Old Clothes bags....shirts    a little of everything

I love bags, especially reusable bags. I have my reusable grocery bags, I have take-a-long shopping bags, but I hadn't found a produce bag that I liked enough to remember to bring along until I found this tutorial for t-shirt produce bags.