Mazdak Mohammadi Louyeh

Mazdak Mohammadi Louyeh

Mazdak Mohammadi Louyeh
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Wolf Head Collection - Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur is an amazing illustrator born in 1986 in Swindon, England. He became obsessed with art at the age of eight when he was first introduced to cartoon television shows and comic books.

selection of animal designs, some done for clients.

Today we had the pleasure to interview one of the most awesome british illustrator from the last 5 years, please welcome Iain Macarthur.

Black and White Tiger Art by Leiartista

"Tiger is one of my totem animals, I'd like one to be represented somehow. without being too cliche about it! I like the Light and dark contrast"--previous pinner - beautiful , im in love with this drawing