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Speculative: how would branding exist if cigarettes' packaging had to be plain.

durbar_cigarette_packaging_by_rule_gurung-d330jno.jpg (900×922)

durbar_cigarette_packaging_by_rule_gurung-d330jno.jpg (900×922)

The Museum of Cigarette Packaging

A museum of cigarette packaging for people interested in packaging design. Based on the collection of Igor Sergeev.

Cigarette Packaging Reimagined

DJ Stout, a partner at Pentagram, unveils a concept for cigarette packaging, in light of new tobacco regulations.

Coffin Smoke Box  the design of the box is functional yet is giving the message that smoking kills. the package is simple and effective.

Antismoke packaging by Behance. This is an impressive packaging design that shows the smokers what the cigarettes can offer to them - a fast path to death. As every day each smoker carries a pack of cigarettes, meanwhile they carry death.