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i'm out

i'm out

Billy Childish - Dave Cameron poster

Rather than turning to Newsnight or Question Time for considered political analysis I go straight to Billy Childish, his poster technician .

Dead Boys

The Dead Boys were an American punk rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Among the first wave of early punk bands, the Dead Boys were initially active from 1976 t.

some cunt has a watch. This isn't even interesting. Oh look I fucking bought a watch. It has hands, for proper telling the time. omega is a fishoil. I'm gonna post pictures of my socks. Look I bought expensive socks. Because I'm a tool.

My 15 year old omega. The picture doesn't do it justice. It has been serviced 3 times, worth every penny and some.

Like it's not going to be fucking hell walking anywhere with you wearing those. Moan moan moan, you fucking bought them. Now keep up.

Furnish Your Feet Heel. Any graphic design guru or interior decorating diva's jaw will drop at the expert way you've enhanced the area you walk on when you wear the woven heels of these platform shoes!

smackhead ex model will turn tricks for you.

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