Christina Elleboe Sødergran

Christina Elleboe Sødergran

Christina Elleboe Sødergran
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Hug time in 3... 2... 1.. by on @DeviantArt

Here’s my contribution to Trolls Week. Hug time for oblivious Branch! Hug time in

Finally getting alone time with his new bride

Madame Blanche by on @DeviantArt

Madame Blanche by on @DeviantArt

Sierra the leopard frog by on @DeviantArt

More of rare anthro species - a lady frog Sierra the leopard frog

Charlotte the cockatiel by on @DeviantArt

Charlotte the cockatiel

Liuck and Shuand the mandarin ducks by on @DeviantArt

Mandarin ducks are so beautiful! Liuck and Shuand the mandarin ducks

The secretary bird and the honey badger by on @DeviantArt

More rare anthros The secretary bird and the honey badger

Felicia the ostrich by on @DeviantArt

Felicia the ostrich

Mbebe the mandrill baboon by on @DeviantArt

This time I wanted to try a mandrill baboon because monkeys are also rare anthros. Mbebe the mandrill baboon

Sergeant Wigly by on @DeviantArt

Sergeant Wigly is a wild boar.

Heather by on @DeviantArt

I was tempted to call her Hathor as the ancient egyptian goddess but chose Heather instead.

Portia and Sandy by on @DeviantArt

Portia and Sandy

Chicha the anteater by on @DeviantArt

Anteater anthros are rare so I wanted to attempt drawing one. Chicha the anteater