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Don't be selfish.

I hope she grows up to be a killer lawyer/business woman and ends up taking everything from the parents, if the half siblings are just as bad don't leave them anything but regret for not being decent human beings

Man, I was wondering why Kenny kept on dying! Now I don't have too worry about it anymore <3

Death will not touch you by aaynra on DeviantArt South Park Kenny McCormick history<<< why isn't ONG they killed kenny first why!

Dude, you have to see this

This is heartbreaking.I know I put this in Awesome BA Stuff but it truly surprised me about thw from reaper.

The love of a mother. True stories of the  May 12 2008 earthquake in China. See the rest at

Love conquers even death. For the love of a mother for her child protected the child from death itself. What an amazing mother, no words can describe my feeling for this woman