Quints, English version

Quints Tyco vintage toys, do you guys remeber? Did you have vintage Quints frim Tyco, as a child?

Polly pocket relaxing film, with soft and low music.

Hi guys, I hope you like this Polly pocket relaxing film with the soft music. I love my Polly pocket vintage collection, and most of all the soft colors.

My polly pocket collection, English

A few items from my HUGE polly pocket Collection, hope you guys will enjoy. I love original polly pocket from the I think they are the best.

Polly pocket, winter theme

This video ia about Polly pocket and the theme is Winter. I hope you like the ORIGINAL POLLY .

Polly pocket ringe Danish

His video is about vintage polly pocket rings. And lets not forget the awsome Stacie polly pocket doll from Remember to turn on subtitles if .

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