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This made me sad but happy that he stopped #staystrong #5sos #selfharm

*SOBBING* ASHTON BABY you are amazing and don't let anyone tell you different.

what the fuck happened here???

This concerns me. Yet its also making me jelouse of their relationship lolol

I have this problem a lot.

Thank goodness for the Internet to further fuel our obsession alongside people halfway across the world =D Completely me. <<<Gosh I hate it when I can't find anyone I always feel sooooo crazy!

Sometimes happens...There's a difference between a fan and a hardcore fangirl :)

There's a difference between a fan and a hardcore fangirl and a fangirl in a world leave me alone mood. My friends often catch me to fangirl when i am trying to sleep or cant be bothered with anything.

can someone explain how this happened????? >>> that shit got his own ass in jail XD so stfu and look at who the real fucking saviours are!

Aha really? He's a dumb fuck making 'swag' moves and dumb ass videos! Aha this world is fucked to the nines and black veil brides is a awesome band so.

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Hes all wrapped up in his skeleton jacket, in his struggles and flesh, but he still smiles and acknowledges the hope that he has inside. Once you get past the struggles, you see life.

Can we talk about how hard his life was like dang he was hurt physically and emotionally and he IS living proof that it gets better and HIS music helps people see that it gets better.

People ALWAYS ask why in my eyes MCR is "such an inspiring band made of inspiring people" instead of a band that is just dark and emo,THIS IS WHY.They are just purely amazing.