Mille Thorup
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Monkey Cupcake Tutorial

Easy monkey cupcakes: regular and mini Nilla Wafers + ready-made icing eyes + brown/black tube of icing . (Most people see a monkey but I see a Mickey mouse smiley face with eye ball head band) ;

Popsicle Memory Game

DIY Popsicle Memory Game This one works for me on so many levels. a DIY Popsicle Memory Game which LOOKS good enough to eat! I have very fond recollections as a child sitting down an and playing adhoc memory games…

Stretches for flyers

Stretch for needles or back! Here's a tutorial that you can do and adjust for any level of flexibility! Slide down into the splits or if you can't, bend your front leg to the side. Tie a thicker belt (Step Exercises The Splits)