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Mia Praëm Madsen

Mia Praëm Madsen
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I remember watching this exact episode!! I want to be Michelle Tanner when I grow up.

Full House - "My dad said that if I can't say anything nice then I shouldn't say anything at all, but my Dad's not here and YOU'RE A WEENIE!

Uncle Jesse

Although DJ's boyfriend Steve was a cutie, the number one dreamboat of Full House was — and always will be — Uncle Jesse. John Stamos brought style to the Tanner household with his gelled hair and leather jacket, so I decided to revisit the late

Boris Schmitz Portfolio : Foto

I chose this (these) illustration because they're artistic and sophisticated, like the target audience, and is semi-realistic which could fit for an older crowd. (Later on, I think probably could fit better in a fashion magazine)

one line illustration

Mary Klundt I think that this is an interesting concept as a graphic. I really like the collision of the lines as well as the very simple break down of the picture. It may be a little saucy, but I still think that this is an interesting take on an image.