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Michelle Holmelund

Michelle Holmelund
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DIY Tin Can Wall Organizer (What to do with all the empty coffee cans I have accumulated. Don't ask why.)

Clean, spray paint, organize, and glue together old cans into interesting shapes for art + organization = cool shoe rack! I can do that with all the formula cans I have

Great idea paint it in red or green or gold for Christmas.

This is such a great little craft that will add so much fun and whimsy to a room. This DIY tin can lamp would also be perfect as a night light for kids too! The tutorial I link to below uses a drill to make the large circular holes for …

Make Your Own Desk Accessories ...Use various containers like Mason jars, vases and tin cans to create a matching desk accessory set that will keep all your school essentials organized and within reach ~ Decorating : Home  Garden Television

For some reason, every other day, my desk is a MESS. From paper to pencils, to sharpies to colored pencils. If you feel like that same thing is happening to you, check out these 18 DIY desk organizers!

Freeze water in the cans for a few hours. When they are rock hard, set the cans on a cloth to help stabilize them and pound sharp nails into the sides.The more holes the better! When the ice has melted out - you are done. Just add a candle and enjoy the magic.

tin can lanterns are easy for kids to make and give an amazing ambiance. just freeze water in tin cans, use sharp nails to pound holes in randomly or in a design, and pop a candle on the inside. perfect for the patio this summer.

Super cute bow bun

Bun&Side Bow - Hair put into a high ponytail, twisted and pinned into a half bun. Rest of her hair twsited into a small side bow from Brooklyn Bride