Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre De Dienes summer 1949 - Tobey Beach - Long Island.

People often say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that You are the beholder - #SalmaHayek

17 Empowering Quotes From Women of Color

Frida Kahlo as Patti Smith

Frida Kahlo's head on Patti Smith's body. Photo of Patti Smith taken by Robert Mapplethorpe for the cover of her 1975 album Horses. - Me encanta esta foto - (se ve tan natural)

Marylin Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, from a photo set by Alfred Eisenstaedt “I never quite understood it, this being a sex symbol. I always thought symbols were those things you clash together! That’s the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a.

Marilyn Monroe

From Paris to London — Marilyn Monroe, in Central Park, photographed by.Sam Shaw 1957 ~ Women who read

Salma Hayek Pictures 26

Salma Hayek * Desperado * From Dusk till Dawn * Once Upon a Time in Mexico * Dogma * Gorgeous woman!

Marilyn Monroe

Sally Todd, Playboys Miss February 1957 from the Thought Experiment ~ Call me old-fashioned but that is sexy

Keira Knightly

Tagged with Keira Knightley. Keira Knightley played the role of Domino Harvey in the film Domino. Many people think Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman look alike. When you imdb Keira Knightley you will see she has had many starring roles.