Bisected Boulders With Stretched Bronze Interiors by Romain Langlois

Bisected boulders with stretched bronze interiors by La Côte Martin-based artist Romain Langlois.

Food artwork by Florent Tanet // FOXINTHEPINE.COM

Food Photography- Painting food and rearranging/ cutting/ sorting different food artistically.

Caterpillar of Saturniidae Moth in Switzerland - Rastafarian Caterpillar!!!

Unusual and brilliantly coloured, like a creature from another planet - the saturniidae moth as a caterpillar by Marco Fisher.

Alexis Snell

Alexis Snell , printmaker Alexis Snell Charming illustration by British printmaker, Alexis Snell--

leaf classification by shape

"Multiväxt" {Multi Tree} - Lotta Olsson studies illustration graphic design at Konstfack, Stockholm. Originally from the countryside of southern Sweden, Lotta is partial to flora and fauna.

Air Plant Bulbosa/Medusa Hanging Pearl Nautilus Planter Come Assembled:

upside down tentacles as necklace…Air Plant Bulbosa/Medusa Hanging Pearl Nautilus Planter Come Assembled:

Artist carves pearls into teeny-tiny skull jewelry

Funny pictures about Carved Pearls . Oh, and cool pics about Carved Pearls . Also, Carved Pearls photos.

Lletres a les ales de les papallones

Entire Alphabet Found on the Wing Patterns of Butterflies

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Maisie Cousins creates catchy images that seduce and shock simultaneously. There’s always a relationship between the beautiful and the grotesque in her sticky, sweaty, hyper- saturated photographs and videos_______.