Makeup for all

Makeup is for all, everybody can learn to put on makeup. Be inspired to take your makeup brush or airbrush and just paint your face ;)
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Amazing colours, I could buy some irridescant yellow eyeshadow, and blue eyeliner for this look, oil slick effect

Black Velvet on the brow / Dark Humor as the liner activated with water / Dragoness lashes IDA EKMAN

Une sélection des maquillages créatifs de l'artiste et maquilleuse…

Abstract Splashes – Les maquillages créatifs de l’artiste Ida Ekman

Abstract Splashes – The creative make-ups of artist Ida Ekman (image)

makeup beauty metallic gold eyebrows and silver by Romero Jennings

makeup beauty metallic gold eyebrows and silver lashes. makeup by Romero Jennings


marked as dewy, I'd say this wet finish crosses the line into slicked. But the peach makeup is yummy.

Beauty Close Up: NARS The Multiple In South Beach

NARS The Multiple serves, well, multiple purposes. A friend to all those that ar…