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Spanish Number Dictionary. Learn How to Say Spanish Numbers

How Spanish numbers are formed: First, you should learn the red numbers (so you will be able to sing the pinball song ^^), then the blue ones (now you can count and finally the green ones (almost any number you can think of).

¿De verdad lo sabes? Subjuntivo vs Indicativo :

This is a great way to learn when to use subjunctive and when to use indicative. If you know for sure that something is happening use indicative, but if you want or hope or wish that something will happen then use subjunctive.

Spanish Subjunctive vs. Indicative trigger slips category sort More

Spanish Present Subjunctive Sentence Slips Set of 66 slips to guide students to create sentences in the present subjunctive in Spanish, and to differentiate between indicative & subjunctive trigger phrases.