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“The Spring/Summer 2016 collection from Menu celebrate the inherent elegance of natural materials from the gorgeous imperfections of wood and leather to shiny surfaces of metals that unveil their beauty over time as they patinize. The warmth of natural materials and earthy tones come in a variety of finishes, species and applications in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection that creates an atmosphere of timeless and understated elegance.” – Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Creative Director, Menu
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Having established itself, through its collaboration with an impressive international cohort of designers, as a premium accessories brand, MENU’s highly.

Menu -  Willmann Vase in black Concrete by Hanne Willmann Image: Yellowsstudio  "Modernism Reimagnied"

Menu - Willmann Vase in black Concrete by Hanne Willmann Image: Yellowsstudio "Modernism Reimagnied"

Menu  Item: Corner Shelves Image: Yellowsstudio  "Modernism Reimagnied"

Country of Origin: Denmark Designers: Kyuhyung Cho Material: Powder-coated Steel Dimensions: Medium Divider -

American-Japanese design team WRK-SHP’s Tied pendant has simple utilitarian appeal. It combines a pared-back Japanese/Scandi aesthetic but with the spun cord reminiscent of American industrial production

Filling our stick shelves with as little product as possible because it's actually pretty for the eyes empty. She's a dainty piece of work.

Godot is a comfortable and generous sofa series comprising and sofas as well as an armchair. The inner “spaces” of the sofa are designed in size

It's time for the Spring furniture fairs, and here's MENU's Spring 2016 collection: Modernism Reimagined

Menu Stone Table Lamp - Though perfectly suited as a lamp, Stone provides more than enlightenment to your home. Stone Lamp can be placed anywhere and exudes perfectly cozy ambience in the room.