MENU Tailor Sofa

A Sculptural Sofa Inspired by an Old Tailor Shop When Portuguese designer Rui Alves began work on a sofa for Menu, he remembered his grandfather’s favorite tailor shop where he’d watch the tailors.

Marble Wall Clock by Norm Architects.

Decorative, uncomplicated and made from natural honest materials, Marble Wall Clock is an elegant object that helps you keep up while looking back.

Sofas, Canapes, Couches, Lounge Suites, Sofa Beds

MENU, Cast Pendant Lamp

Cast Pendant takes inspiration from the traditional plumb weight – a weight hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters since Ancient Egypt to establish a true vertical.

MENU, Wire Pot And Marble Top

Wire Marble Top by Norm Architects; with Glow Hurricane

MENU, Pepe Marble Mirror By Studiopepe

Marble Mirror is a heroic, beautiful object for everyday use. The design is iconic and the mirror is made to last a lifetime. Designers Studiopepe are obsessed

MENU, Echasse Vase

The Echasse Vase combines the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, light expression. The word échasse is French for stilts – and this

MENU Echasse Vase

MENU Echasse Vase

MENU, Socket Occasional Lamp

Socket Occasional Lamp represents part of a study exploring the boundaries between minimalist sculpture and practical everyday objects by Danish design duo Nor