Henrik Jacobsen

Henrik Jacobsen

Henrik Jacobsen
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50th Anniversary Smurf Coin

To celebrate the Anniversary of the Smurfs, the Belgian Mint issued a five Euro Smurf coin.

Know thine mythology!

Some people think that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but this shows pagan + the non- Christian background to Santa.

LEGO 21108 - Ghostbusters - Coming from 2014 June!

LEGO 21108 - Ghostbusters - Coming from 2014 June! He's such a huge Ghostbusters fan and he loooooves legos!

Lego Thanksgiving. Oh wait! In Star Wars, that's "Life Day"! Y'all remember that?

printed for Evan for a Thanksgiving decoration. Darth Vader and Stormtroopers having saying grace before their Thanksgiving feast.

Doctor Who Paper Crafts

Doctor Who Tardis paper craft. Fun DIY project, the tiny paper TARDIS is now hanging by a transparant thread (nylon- or fishthread) in front of my window. So whenever I open it, the TARDIS twirls around and "travels in time"