Book a consultation with award winning designer Siobhan Mackenzie for your very own luxury bespoke kilt. Made in Scotland.

Bespoke Kilts- Bringing Scottish Dress into the century by breaking the rules of tradition with innovation within design. Siobhan Mackenzie is a multi-award winning Scottish Fashion Designer.

Fashion forward and distinctly beautiful bespoke kilts

Today I am thrilled to share the work of Siobhan MacKenzie and her incredible fashion forward bespoke kilts which are just perfection for the Groom looking for something just a little bit special.

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Tapering a kilt apron - Kilt Makers - Professional - Brotherhood of the Kilt

sgian dubh--funny how a wee knife can be so sexy, eh?

The Sgian Dubh (skee en doo) is a small single edged knife worn as part of the traditional Scottish kilt. The blade is usually worn on the same side as the dominant hand.

The boys wedding kilt :)

So this isn't a traditional kilt, but I really like the modern kilts that are coming out from companies like Utilikilt. They aren't for everyone, but I love seeing a young man walking down a city street wearing one of these!

vest and jacket Henri Jones F/W 2016 by Enrico Posla  kilt: In Kilt

vest and jacket Henri Jones F/W 2016 by Enrico Posla kilt: In Kilt

Grey Scottish Mens Kilt Tartan Kilts Traditional Highland dress MODERN PRINCE…

Grey Scottish Mens Kilt Tartan Kilts Sporran , not the Wallace colors, but I thought it was pretty

Awesome steampunk kilt.  I wonder what a steampunk set of bagpipes would look like...?

Regina Davan says her goal is to put every man in a kilt. Her steampunk kilts feature heavy brass clasps and locks, and images of gears. Would like a man to put in this kilt.

Balmoral kilt. Traditional eight yard kilt

Who doesn't love the elegant fall of these pleats as he kneels? Description by Sarah Roepke: my wedding gift to my fiancee. The Balmoral Kilt, Traditional 8 Yard Kilt with Flashes by Scotweb Tartan Mill